Playoffs are here

Central Coast Comedy Theater is offering FREE, live virtual shows via Zoom every Saturday Night!

Here’s how to watch the shows live:

  1. Like and follow Central Coast Comedy Theater on Facebook or Instagram
  2. Message or DM for Zoom link
  3. Receive link, log in at time of the show and get ready to laugh your ass off! 

PLAYOFFS ARE HAPPENING!!! Central Coast Comedy Theater is celebrating 4 years of giggles, tears, laughter and laughing until we cry pants-wetting joy. We have been through so freaking much and we have been through it all TOGETHER! Let’s celebrate!!!! Playoffs Begin Saturday 8/22 at 6 PM. This year our annual comedy competition shows will be all virtual- I have so many fun and wild ideas for our virtual shows AND I am fully embracing that we will be virtual. Why not?! When else would this ever freaking happen?! It’s new and different and exciting!!!