We offer a variety of workshops, often taught by guest instructors. Workshops are perfect for those who don’t have the time or money to commit to a 6 week class. Our workshops are usually held on Sundays at Ignite Movement Studio in Morro Bay. A fun way to spend a Sunday!

Improv is Fun (1)

Improv Is Fun!

Join visiting guest artist and beloved friend of CCCT, LE Zarling, for an incredible morning workshop!!!

Improv is Fun!

Remember when you first started taking improv classes and it was the most fun you ever had? And then you started taking more class, and thinking more about ‘the rules’ and wondering constantly what you were ‘supposed to do’ in your scenes? And then you got on a house team and constantly rehearsing and performing became more of drag than an uplifting, fun experience?
In this workshop we’ll focus on games that get back to the fun of improv and teach us to stop thinking about how to improvise and return to enjoying the moment.

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