Ensemble Photos


Meet our Ensemble

Charlie Charm(ed) we’re sure is a dashing young man with a lot of moxie! He’s a downright silly boy and a magician with any room. He’s our sunshine on a cloudy day and he’s all smiles, all the time. Charlie has this delightful and refreshing totally groovy way of making everyone feel amazing about themselves! Charlie is a performer with a ton of stage experience and we’re super lucky to have this comedy heavy-hitter. Char Char is regular meeting his quota down at the ole’ chorts n’ chuckles factory. Mr. Charm, we love you and you’re a downright funky prince ya little giggle box, you!
Ernie Zappacosta Rica is the proud founder of the oft recognized and much celebrated Ernsday. He is the originator of the quirky bird passionista character and can most often be found dropping fucking cherry bombs of one liners in the middle of the show that leave the players, the host, the entire room doubled over in surprised laughter. Ernie drops the mic and then he drops it like it’s hot. Because it is.
Evan Fox is a total fox but he’s not all looks. He’s also funny as hell. He’s the comedy genius that fuels memorable, side-splitting characters like “Dr. Henry Toiletseat” the evil genius voice of your dreamiest nightmares. Evan is a brilliant local stand-up and a musical force to be reckoned with. He’s fearless, unapologetic and absolutely nothing is taboo with him. He doesn’t know what taboo means but he knows he can go there and make some funny ass jokes about it.
Jonathan Shadrach Attack AKA J Man AKA J Dawg AKA JKA is the master of the fierce delivery of the unexpected slam dunk. He has played everything from the front row laugh riot to the strings on our hearts. Jonathan has been with CCCT before CCCT was and is truly the dedicated, loving, heart muscle behind so much of what we do. He’s quick with a hug and with a witticism. He’s known to play it real, real coooollllll.
Josh Conrad is on beast mode! He’s our good little Joshy boy and he makes our silly hearts sing. Josh has an impossibly upbeat and plucky little ducky personality that’ll bring a smile to your face. He’s a sweet, sensitive spirit with some truly naughty thoughts packed into the mind of a funny little devil. He’s a funny man on stage and is the actually happy and definitely not creepy clown of our team. He’s a good boy. A very good boy.
Katya is our sweet, dancing, precious sunlight angel. She’s like a hug on a cool summer evening. Katya is the grace of our team and she’s also the brains! Her clever plot twists and committed character work make her a consistently interesting personality both on and off the stage. She will catch you off guard with an unexpected point of view and can quickly flip a scene into a hilarious game that she will play like a damn fiddle!
Molly Jo is the poster child for big smiles and dirty one liners. She’s the cutest little ball of filth you ever did meet and we love her with all of our big nasty girl faces! Molly is the creative brilliance behind the quirky characters that dance across our stages and into your hearts. She’s the flower of the garden of dum dum comedy bits and she sings like a damn angel!
Nikki Charm Maraviglia packs a cute punch to the gut with her edgy direct jokes and dead-eye, dead pan comedy. She’s got a lot of years of improv genius packed under her adorable little belt and she can deliver like a boxer with lightning fast speed. Her comedic timing is on point and her jokes are made all the more surreal when accompanied by her wicked bad-princess smile. She’s out to play hard and always kicks the show into high gear with her relentlessly upbeat, quirky and unique characters. She’s fearless and fierce and full of fun!
Arnulfo “Nuf” Navarro is our bad boy dream boat with a heart of gold. He’s our mountain of teddy bear hugs and long, luxurious locks. Nuf is a badass rockin’ hard on the stage with explosive energy and contagious enthusiasm. He plays all out, balls to the wall physical characters that will sweep you off your feet and then careen around the stage with you thrown over their shoulders like a bag of sweet, sweet, sweet potatoes.
Ryan Lloyd is the maestro behind the keys, the bass behind the mic, the genius behind the goofy, eccentric professor running, uh, frolicking, through the scene. He’s the eye behind the cam and he is the heart behind the fam. Ryan is no stranger to the stage but he is always strange upon it. And we love him for it!
Sabrina Pratt aka Sabs aka Pratt! Who will gladly answer to any gibberish yelled in her direction. She’ll probably have a strongly worded opinion about it, too! Sabrina is our bad ass creative director/ founder and defacto Swedish chef. An experienced improviser and educator, Sabrina Pratt is a poweful witch capable of relaxing even the most stubborn crack. She works incredibly hard and does everything straight from the bottom of her weird, wonderful big heart. She also, somehow, always manages to look amazing. Combining her windy city wisdom & Carolina charm she will make you laugh ’till you are a hot ass mess. With laughter. Of course.
Shawna Volpa is your favorite, ok, because she’s everyone’s favorite. Shawna has this contagiously FUN personality and can pick up a room the minute she walks in- she’s like a mobile dance party. Hell, Shawna IS the party! She’s a diva, a queen and she owns that mic. Shawna will crush it with some enthusiastic, fearless and super playful energy. She’s full of passion and lightning quick. Her stand up will get you up ’cause this girl can throw down. She can rap, sing, dance, play wheelchair basketball like a damn pro and she chases the dragon like her life depends on it. ‘Cause it kinda does. Being on stage IS her life. Performing just lights her up and we all feel a little more lit to be close to that electrical storm of passion. She supercharges up a room with her radiance. Get in there, bask in her light! Shawna’s gonna make you laugh until you can barely breathe, but you’ll have just enough breath to beg this goddess for more!
Wade Tillotson is a beardy mountain man with a weirdy mountain plan. He’s our brains, our brawn and is so sweet he will most likely also mow your lawn. And probably make dirty jokes the entire time he’s doing it. Wade is a remarkable performer and comedian but, ya know what, he’s also an exceptionally loving, tender and steadfast friend. He’s a teacher, he’s a leader and he’s also a total badass. Need we say more? No, we need not. We are busy moving and Wade has loaded the fridge in the truck all by himself. Again.