Corporate Team-Building

We Now Offer Corporate Team Building Workshops!

Time to bring a spark of life into your office and give your team a positive, happy boost all while promoting team work and building collaborative skills in a very fun way. Your team will be laughing and talking about what a great time they had together for weeks after one of our upbeat, interactive workshops.

What do the workshops consist of? Our workshops focus on inter-office dynamics, collaboration techniques, customer service, sales and team building training.

Improvisation techniques are a fun way to build the lasting collaborative, teamwork skills that make coming to work a more rewarding experience, develop resiliency and increase the efficiency of individual employees and the team as a whole. Each workshop is custom designed and made to best serve the size and needs of your company. The Central Coast Comedy Theater offers a range of comprehensive packages and approaches to deliver the best experience possible for your employees.

Who is leading these workshops? Sabrina Pratt, the Owner and Director of the Central Coast Comedy Theater facilitates all corporate team building workshops. Sabrina has extensive improvisation training, teaching and hands-on experience with improv-based team building in the corporate environment.

Central Coast Comedy Theater provides professional performing and teaching artists with extensive improv & staff training experience to collaborate directly with you on workshops. We offer your company the very best in affordable, accessible and positive service.

What if we just want to watch a show and laugh? We are also happy to perform for your company function! Think about what fun an interactive, improvisation show would be at your company party. You will all be talking and laughing about it for months after! Go ahead and jazz up that cheese platter with some comedians.

For more information on our corporate team building program and events contact Sabrina directly via email:


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