Spring 2021 Classes

Now offering virtual classes via Zoom!

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Current Classes:

Tuesday: Advanced Improv with instructor Stuart Ranson, 6-8 PM PST. Work with advanced improv techniques like worldbuilding and back line strategy, and learn new games, exercises, and forms with Sabrina Pratt, Stuart Ranson, and other guest instructors during this team favorite.

Wednesday: Intro to Improv with Instructor Beth Bolyard, 6-8 PM PST beginning May 5. Looking for something new in 2021? Intro to Improv classes are a casual, welcoming, and fun way to build confidence and develop your improv skills! Meet new people while learning the basic techniques of, scene development, character creation, team building. Classes are virtual and begin May 5, 2021. This class has a participant limit, so sign up now to reserve your spot!

Friday: Writer’s Workshop with instructor Beth Bolyard. Are you finally ready to start writing your book? Have you been waiting to start you special writing project? This writer’s workshop is for anyone wanting to start a writing project, or just improve their writing practice. During this class, we will discuss audience, structure, point of view, as well as practice descriptive writing, freewriting and other pre-writing practices that will help jumpstart your writing project. Come with a project in mind and get support each class meeting as we read each other’s work and get feedback on your progress — your final writing piece will get reviewed by the host with final notes. This meets every Friday 6pm PST — come join us!

Sunday: Stand Up Comedy Writer’s Room 6-8pm PST. Get your standup routine down in the Stand Up Comedy Writers Room. Workshop your jokes and nail your “tight 5” every Sunday night.

Subscription Options:

1 Class for 1 Month

$85 for the class of your choice.

1 Month Subscription

$175 access to all classes offered during the month.

2 Month Subscription

$225 access to all classes offered over a two month period.

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