Winter/Spring 2023 Classes

Our live in-person classes are BACK and we are so excited to be in our brand new studio located close to downtown SLO — come check it out!

View our class schedule below. Sign up for what you like and bask in the excitement of having already taken the first steps of your thrilling new adventure!

Winter/Spring 2023 Classes:

Stand Up Class, Mondays 6-7pm PST 

This class will be led by local performer, writer and long time comedian, Sabrina Pratt and will include input, feedback and workshops from other stand up comedians. This class is a great way to work out your set. You can come in with just an idea and we will work to craft that into a series of jokes. The class will include time to workshop your material, exercises for generating content and ways to get your material ready to perform.

The class structure is positive, supportive and no prior experience is required! Performing your own stand up material in front of a live audience is one of the riskiest AND MOST REWARDING things you can do! The entire class is a 6 week series. To register, email, OR click here.

Dramatic Improv, Tuesdays 6-8pm PST

Learn the evolving form of dramatic improvising with a focus on reality-based, grounded characters and in-depth relationships. Practice your acting choices, character development and establishing a world that is both believable and engaging. To register, email, OR click here.

Improv 101, Thursdays 6-8pm PST

Improv 101 is a beginning level improv class that will focus on improv basics. This 6-week session will take place on Thursdays starting on March 2, from 6-8pm. To register, email, OR click here.

Dramatic Improv Workshop, Saturday 1-4pm PST

This one-day workshop is accessible to improvisers of different skill levels and will focus on the more dramatic side of improvising. This is a great fit for actors looking to improve their acting choices, stage presence and improvised reactions to attain a more realistic, grounded character delivery. To register, email, OR click here.

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Intermediate Improv

For students who have taken Improv 101, this class focuses on continuing the foundations of improv and in-depth techniques of short form and long form improv.

Advanced Improv

For students who have completed beginner and intermediate improv and are looking for the next challenge. This class is an in-depth focus on character acting and advanced long form improv technique.

Musical Improv

This class focuses on improvising songs, rhyming techniques, short form musical improv games, musical improv song structure and musical long form.

Stand-Up Comedy Class

This class covers the basics of crafting jokes, putting your set together, and includes performance training. Learn about comedic timing, workshop your sets, and get ready to rock that mic!

Sketch Comedy Writing

This class is taught in the style that most popular sketch comedy tv shows & performance groups use to generate content. Learn how to create a pitch then craft that idea to it’s full funny potential with your ensemble.

Production Writing

This class is taught by experienced writers for stage and screen and is an excellent introduction into the writing process. In this class we will generate our own original scripts and screenplays.

About Advanced Classes

We offer classes for learning musical improv, writing for sketch, advanced levels of short and long form improv, and acting. These classes require some experience with acting, theater, improv, and comedy. If you have an interest in learning more about the advanced classes offered at our theater, email:

Not sure which class is right for you? Have some questions? Send us a message and we will contact you asap!

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